About the “School Garden To Market” Project

Our goal with this project is to create and educational opportunity to teach school children about food gardening as an alternative to prepared food choices.

Our sponsored/grant program, gave students an opportunity to participate as a small farm stand vendor in 2010 Farmers market. Students with parent involvement built a portable farm stand so they may sell a portion of their harvest to the community that in turn helped reseed their school garden projects. Students had this opportunity to run the stand like a small business while learning how to cultivate working relationships with other vendors and community supporters.

This project gave students from 4th grade up the ownership in something that will provide business and social skills; experience and educational training about the lifesycles of plants and a host of other environmental concepts. The school garden program boosts achievement, cultivates life skills, contributes to healthy lifestyles, and connects kids with nature through hands-on learning.

Please contact us at Healthy Draper if you would like to Help us cultivate the next generation of gardeners!

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