The Healthy Draper Story

Healthy Draper began in the summer of 2002 as a community-based organization focused on providing opportunities, resources and education for promoting healthy lifestyles throughout the community. The Draper Area Chamber of Commerce was the founding sponsor and managed the early activities of the group.

The very first community event sponsored by Healthy Draper was a community walk around the block event, led by Lonnie Hunter who was the owner of the Good Earth Vitamin Store in Draper.

As Healthy Draper continued to grow and evolve, the Chamber sponsored a contest with art students at Juan Diego to create a logo that would represent the Healthy Draper mission. Two students combined their designs to form the logo trademark that we still use today!

Healthy Draper continued to hold free community events including, the 10,000 Steps Program, the carnival/pool party, Safety Days, health assessments, fitness education, walking and jogging fitness programs, and eating and nutrition programs.

As Healthy Draper continued to grow, it become necessary to spin it off into it's own 501c3 Non Profit Corporation with the Draper Area Chamber of Commerce as the managing company.

With the new 501c3 status, Healthy Draper was able to begin pursuing public and private grants to fund more significant ventures, including:

  • Share the Road signs for bike-friendly reminders to drivers throughout Draper
  • 10,000 Steps Program which provided pedometers and walking opportunities
  • Fitness Equipment in the Draper City and Galena Park locations
  • Greenhouse educational program at Juan Diego
  • Fitness Equipment for Draper's New Senior Center 2012
  • 2013/2014 continuation of Senior Center Grant - interns volunteering at Sr. Center (personal training, nutrition, habits of health)
  • 2014/2015 Family Mountain Biking/Walking Educational Trails Park Project