If you love something that Healthy Draper has done for the community — LET US KNOW! We may post your feedback to this page for everyone to enjoy!

LC a Senior at the Draper Senior Center

“Sixteen years ago my husband received whole-brain radiation treatments for malignant tumors. In the ensuing years his speech and overall cognition has deteriorated. The Draper Senior Center has provided a much-needed respite for both of us. My husband has now made friends. The staff and other are genuinely glad to see him, in spite of his cognitive impairment. While he is unable to understand and participate in many of the classes, he feels welcome and comfortable. He particularly enjoys the exercise equipment Healthy Draper donated. If i did not have to assume 99% of our household responsibilities, I would take 100% of the classes at the Center! I have made new friends and relish having someone to talk to. Vaughn and I are grateful to everyone at the Center for providing such a terrific program and for favorably impacting our lives.”

Lisa Deleon, Branch Manager - Draper Branch

“When Mountain America Credit Union moved into Draper one of the best things we did was to join forces with Healthy Draper and the Draper Chamber of Commerce. These two driving forces allowed us to make a presence in the Draper community and make a difference in the lives of the people who live and work in Draper City. One of the most memorable events that we have participated in was Healthy Draper Safety Day’s. Participating in this event allowed us to communicate ways to protect your credit and what to do if you have become a victim of fraud. We were also given the chance to educate the public about internet fraud and ways to keep your financial account safe. I was surprised at the number of people that supported this event and the great questions and interest that was generated. Another great event occurred this past year when we helped sponsor a greenhouse for Juan Diego School. This was a great event and something that will really benefit Juan Diego and our community. When we sponsor events through Healthy Draper it is not a faceless donation, we are able to get involved in the community and work directly with the people whose lives we are changing in the Draper area.”

Salley Murphy

“I absolutely love the site. It is so professional, classy and 'easy to use' it is fantastic! Thank you so much for everything.”

J D L a male Senior at Draper Senior Center

“The exercise facility, at the Draper Senior Center, has given me the opportunity to have access to the equipment on a regular basis. Physical Therapy at the Veteran's Administration is difficult to get to (50 miles round trip) and difficult to make daily appointments. Five days a week, I can do activities and strengthen m legs. I have progressed from a walker to a cane. It is, also, a great place to socialize and have a pleasant experience.”

Paul Thompson

“Thanks for providing such an unbelievable service. We created an account just on 12 days ago and we were blown away that we were able to find everything linked to the first page”