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Fun Times At Little Valley

The Little Valley Instructional Trails were designed to provide a fun, safe biking experience for riders of all age and skill levels. Watch Jackson as he has a blast on the new trails!

Thanks to all of the sponsors and community members who helped make the Little Valley project such a success.

Little Valley Instructional Trails

Healthy Draper with our business partners and individuals became aware of a need in Draper to educate new mountain bikers not just to learn our trails, but to gain a healthy lifestyle and have fun.

The Location: "Little Valley" just off Traverse road at 1402 East (14550 So) Draper Utah. The Instructional Trails  consists of just over 1 mile of mountain biking and walking trails. There are two Beginner and three intermediate trails which include instructional signage and typical obstacles encountered on the city's current trail system. These trails are something that the current trail system in Draper was missing.

On the plan above: Note: All Trails are complete and usable to the public.Green area is beginners one way trail system.  Blue area is the intermediate trail system. Black trail are multi-use and were already existing.

These trails have switch backs, bridges and other familiar features and will be multi-use trails that would also be for hikers. When you learn how to bike, you will learn that there are others on the trails, and that you need to be considerate of them while riding.

Call Brad Jensen at 801-576-6549 with question or concerns.

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Supported by local business partners that care about the health and lifestyles of the Draper community.

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